Boy-Drinking-WaterClean, fresh water.
Stop and think about this.

What if…

You didn’t have access to a safe water supply?
You turned on the tap and nothing came out?
The water that came out wasn’t fit to drink or use?

…that would be scary, right?

Thankfully, in the SouthCoast, we have a high quality water supply because a dedicated group of people work on your behalf to keep it that way!

The Mattapoisett River Valley Aquifer

MRVWSPAC-mapThe Mattapoisett River Valley has an underground aquifer that provides all the fresh water we use for drinking, recreation and agriculture in Fairhaven, Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester. In 2013, the aquifer supplied approximately 2.2 million gallons per day for domestic and commercial use.  In addition, parts of Acushnet also depend on our aquifer for their private water supply.

Our Committee is responsible for advising all four towns about how to protect our water supply.

chartWe also monitor the river and watershed to ensure they are both in good health.  (If words like aquifer and watershed are unfamiliar, you’ll find their definitions here!)

6 ways to help the environment & save money!

Download a copy of our 6 ways to help the environment & save money! rack card.