About Us

Mattapoisett River Valley Water Supply Protection Advisory Committee
PROTECTING THE AQUIFER FOR: Fairhaven, Marion, Mattapoisett & Rochester

We know we have a very long name – but we have a very big job!
Our committee makes sure there is a safe and abundant supply of drinking water for our residents.

Our Mission Unites Four Communities for a Single Purpose – To ensure there is a safe and abundant supply of drinking water for generations to come.

Here in the Mattapoisett River Valley, we have an underground aquifer that provides all the fresh water we use for drinking, recreation and agriculture in Fairhaven, Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester. In 2013, our aquifer supplied approximately 2.2 million gallons per day for domestic and commercial use.

river1Over Thirty Years Ago… in 1980, officials from the four towns were concerned about our water supply so they created a committee with a common goal: To protect the Mattapoisett River and its watershed.

We Were The First In The Commonwealth… to join a number of towns together to protect our common water supply. We had special legislation enacted in 1983, ensuring our committee would play an ongoing role in monitoring, measuring and protecting the health of the watershed ~ which is exactly what we do!

Our First Priority… is preventing adverse impacts to our aquifer by reviewing new development projects for each town’s planning board, board of health and conservation commission to ensure storm water and wastewater are handled properly. We also identify and purchase land to protect wells within the watershed.

In order to maintain our water supply at sustainable levels, we hire engineers and scientists to: Measure and evaluate both ground water and surface water levels and to maintain an adequate water supply for residents, businesses, farmers and the needs of other natural resources.