How We Operate

One penny per one hundred…While we receive a number of state and federal grants, that is not a stable source for funding our work. So we came up with a better way.

StreamFor as little as one penny per one hundred gallons pumped from the Mattapoisett River Valley, we fund the bulk of our committee’s work, each town funding its proper share based on usage. The monies are collected into a “Water Supply Protection Fund” and can only be used for activities to protect the watershed such as land or easement purchases, engineering or other studies, public education purposes and water conservation programs and plans.

Investing in our Future

We are pleased to report that through our work, the Mattapoisett River, its aquifer and our watershed are all at optimal levels. In recent years, from 2001 to 2011, we contributed close to $600,000.00 dollars toward the permanent protection of 1,166 acres of land in the Mattapoisett River Valley Aquifer.

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