Meet the Committee

Our Committee members are appointed by combination of each town’s board of selectmen, board of public works, and the water & sewer commissioners for a term of three years and are typically town officials or water department supervisors with experience and expertise in:

Members have experience and expertise in:

  • Water supply systems and water supply protection
  • Town government
  • Land or easement purchasing
  • Related engineering and science

Our Committee Members serving a three year term in 2013:

Vinnie Furtado, Chair
Mark Rees

Paul Dawson
David Pierce, Treasurer
Rob Zora

Dan Chase
Henri Renauld, Vice Chair
William Nicholson

Laurell J. Farinon, Clerk
Sandy Keese
Fred Underhill


For more information about the Committee please contact:

Vinnie Furtado, BPW Superintendent    508.979.4030
Henri Renauld, Superintendent    508.758.4161 ext. 203